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Penned definition, any of various instruments for writing or drawing with ink or a similar substance. See more. 4 days ago penned meaning: past simple and past participle of pen formal formal. Learn more.

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Origin of pen 2 before ; noun Middle English penne, Old English penn in compounds ; perhaps akin to pin ; v. Middle English pennen, derivative of the noun. Examples from the Web for penned Michael Lewis, who coined the term and penned the bestselling book of that name.

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Word Origin for pen Old English penn, perhaps related to pin. Till then keep improving. I understand it to mean "written down". You would more often see something like "I penned down a quick note". In the context of destiny writing something down for you, it seems a bit odd to me, but I guess the intention was poetic. The writing isn't the best quality but it is common to imagine destiny taking the form of a book Arabic has a word for it, Maktub. What the writer is suggesting, is that if God or the universe plans for you to meet your soulmate in a few year's time, you should be patient and work on being a better person for that time.

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It's likely a misspelling. It should probably be "pinned down" as one sticks a pin in something to fix it in place. See macmillandictionary.

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Viewed 19k times. What does "penned down" mean in the below?

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You can find out more by visiting my Cookie Policy. Examples from the Web for penned Michael Lewis, who coined the term and penned the bestselling book of that name. He sat down and penned a reply, saying that he would call upon Mrs. Your logic, my friend, is perfect, Your moral most drearily true; But, since the earth clashed on her coffin, I keep he a ring that, and not you. Penned is offering a one day signing from 12pm -5pm on February 29th ZDoggMD is on it. Cambridge Dictionary Plus My profile How to

I came across a sentence: Don't worry if you are single, trust on destiny and remember destiny has penned down for you a lovely soulmate. Could anyone please explain this to me?

Neelam Prajapati Neelam Prajapati 3 3 gold badges 5 5 silver badges 17 17 bronze badges. Maybe the writer is referring to fate - "it is written". You haven't really given us enough context. It's just my best guess.

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A longer quote would help. But, yes, penned as in written. It could mean penned as trapped in a pen cage or fenced area. We really need more information - the source or a longer quote. My first guess was correct.

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